Wallhanging – No Backing

In recent years, there has been a trend in competition schedules I have seen that calls for a “wallhanging with no backing”. I believe this is to challenge us to not rely on a backing for our mechanics and also to give an opportunity to use more fresh plant material in this design style.

It is quite a challenge. Firstly determining the structure, then the water source/s for your plant material, then the placements so that the design still meets the class title, then the actual visual impact of the design, given it will be “see through” when on display and for judging.

I decided the best way to show you my thoughts on this was through a video so you could see the challenges for yourself, particularly the placements and the structure. Here is the video:

The basic structure is comprised of branches, stripped of any foliage and joined together with glue and paper covered wire.

Attached to the branches, following the same lines, are some lengths of succulent (commonly known as money plant) and dried gumnuts.

It’s a simple design made to show the basics of this type of category so you can play with how you would interpret it!

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