Still Life

In the last month I have been intrigued by a debate between a few different countries regarding the definition of the “Still Life” design style. It is a regular title for us here and we actually have two categories of Still Life – traditional and modern.

The difference seems to be in the amount of plant material that can be used. For us, it is one of the very few design styles where plant material does not have to dominate although it must be present in the design. For other countries it is exactly the opposite, so yet another reinforcement of making sure you are aware of the judging criteria for each particular competition!

In this design I have chosen to showcase a rural/country simple meal – bread, oil, rosemary, onions, tomatoes.

The container is a timber tray with a small lighter coloured wood cutting board. A rough terracotta tree shaped vase holds some rosemary with a further placement of the rosemary (repetition) lower down. Grouping of onions and tomatoes brings your eye through the design with a half loaf of bread to complete the picture.

A still life design should look as though you have “caught a moment in time”.

This design placed first.

Judges Comments: A well balanced still life design depicting a simple meal about to start. Colour harmonies are appropriate and the proportion of plant and non plant material does not detract from the overall story.

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