Stamobile (Roses Only)

A ‘Stamobile’ design for this competition’s judging is a defined design style. It reflects the kinetic design styles of the 1960s particularly, so must have both fixed and moving parts to the design.

I like doing these designs along with stabile (movement implied) and mobiles (suspended and free moving). They challenge not just my design thinking but the actual physics of getting a design to stay in place for judging.

An added stipulation for this class was that roses were the only flower to be used.

Providing support and giving height to the design as a “backbone” is a curved arm metal stand used most commonly for displaying/preparing bouquets. As you know I’m not a big fan of the bouquet so this stand only ever gets used as part of creative floral art designs! In this instance it is covered with sphagnum moss which is repeated through the design to cover other mechanics.

On the base is a timber serving bowl in the shape of a leaf – something you might put nuts in for entertaining. This has a small amount of floral foam for the roses and is covered with sphagnum moss. A single white rose is placed at the top of the design with a water vial inside the top of the lighter coloured gourd. A darker skin gourd is twisted around the support stand and dried strelitzia leaves are placed to create movement and balance the third gourd which is hanging from the top of the metal support stand. This hanging gourd is attached with fishing line and a swivel so it can move freely in the slightest air movement. Across the top is a wonderful (and light) native palm spathe I found whilst on a random picnic many years ago. As a seasoned floral artist, I always have an eye for “interesting” plant material!

This design placed second.

Judges comments: Good movement, both actual and implied. Roses need to be repeated through the design moving from the base to the single placement at the top.

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