Stabile – HSOC 2022

A stabile is one of the defined design styles based on kinetic art influences. This style of design needs to imply movement very clearly – think of the word as meaning a stationery mobile – something that moves where you have caught it as a moment in time, much the same way as a photograph would.

On a base of a timber round I have placed a metal cone shaped structure (most often used a craft Christmas tree shape or a topiary frame). The frame is covered with a loose “skirt” of ripped typha foliage with Lomandra foliage showing as large loops at the top of the design. Dried strelitzia leaves (to give the impression of movement) are placed at the top of the design but in two directions, again to emphasise movement.
A single banksia stem with foliage is fixed to the top of the design.

Judges comments: Good strong movement of the design by placements and use of plant material. The structure/framework is too obvious, move coverage would enhance this design. The design gives the impression of being top heavy and therefore out of visual balance.

My review comments: I don’t like this design at all! In my defence, it was the final design I staged (of 4) after 5 hours… excuse really, what I should have done is withdraw as I had used up some of the plant material for this design in one I had staged earlier.
The problem, as I see it, is the top of this design. Yes, the lower area could have more plant material in the skirt but if the top was balanced and a focal point, the lower area would become less prominent. Now I would not use the banksia stem but have the strelitzia be the focus of swirling around with the loops following the directions of them.
As I’ve said before, it’s always good to review your design after a year or so – clear eyes give you a chance to re-design 🙂

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