Solitude – Abstract

As you would know if you have seen any of my other abstract designs, I struggle with the floral art interpretation of abstract. I guess I fall back on a more “art world” interpretation, however I keep trying this design style in the hope of gaining a better understanding of what the judges are expecting to see.

Thinking about solitude, I was drawn to the idea that we can feel alone even when we are with others, so my interpretation is designed to show that. I have learned that judges expect to see plant material used in an abstract or not normal way so I started with the idea of having some bare branches upside down.

I have tried to make these “stick people” by adding some paper covered wire wrapped to form the tops.

The one feeling “solitude” uses the green paper covered wire and is leaning away from the other group – a natural occurrence with the way all the sticks balanced. A dried sunflower is placed at an angle into the green wire cup to signify it’s solitude from the rest of the design.

Looking back at it now I can see that it is more “isolation” than solitude. An interesting exercise nonetheless!

Judges comments: Very interesting interpretation of the theme. Need to unite areas within the design with repetition of materials. Workmanship and finish a little untidy.

Unfortunately, this is not an Abstract design, and interpretation of the title is lacking. Attention to technique and finish needs to be achieved.

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