Rust and Roses Collage

This class title is another one that we seem to see at least once a year for a competition. Thankfully, this time it had to be a collage rather than a bench exhibit.

Those of you who are regular visitors to this site will recognise the framework for this collage. I have used it for a number of different designs in both portrait and landscape orientations.

This time the metal frame has been attached to a standard canvas painted black which gives a solid frame to the design (and also makes it easier to stage on the supplied easel).

I painted the outside frame of the metal section with random amounts of yellow, orange and brown paint to mimic rust – I didn’t want to actually create rust on this useful metal structure. As in previous designs I have backed sections with handmade paper, coconut fibre, bark and sisal with wood slices also glued in place. An old and naturally rusted set of Allen keys is secured to the framework with yellow roses in water vials that are masked by coconut fibre or paperbark.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: Good effect of rust and framing of entire design. Rose placements are too evenly placed for the more abstract nature of the rest of the design.

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