Recycled Wall Hanging

“Recycled” is another of those popular competition titles although this time the challenge was to create a suspended design.

I enjoy suspensions – they give me a chance to do a vertical design without having to worry about the dominance of a container in the way a bench design might. The only sticking point can be the physical balance.

Here I have “recycled” a number of items within the design. The structure was a wreath shape made using the Himmelli technique which you can follow in the step by step instructions by clicking here. For this design I have taken the basic units and joined them randomly to give an elongated structure on which to place my plant material.

The plant material is also “recycled” being corn husk roses (step by step technique can be followed by clicking here) and flower shapes from toilet paper rolls filled with sisal. Actually the sisal is the only non recycled part of this design!

This design placed second.

Judges comments: This design appears to be fully composed of recycled components – well done. The placements of the unpainted corn husk flowers could have been better incorporated into the structure. The colour of the painted corn husk flowers is too dominant and does not repeat any other colour in the design.

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