Pot et Fleur is a defined design style in many countries. As always we encourage you to check your local rules before entering a competition where this design style is specified.

In general terms it usually means that the flower part of the design should be cut flowers in a water source and the “pot” part should be foliage in a growing medium. Most commonly this will mean either a hanging plant such as a fern or a potted plant where no flowers of the actual plant are showing.

In this design I have used a potted ripsalis and inserted tubes into the soil so that I can insert some chysanthemum flowers. As the pot itself is quite a dominant colour and texture (the combination of a gloss finish on the yellow), I need to have flowers that will either soften that or bring your eyes away from it by contrasting or complementing it.

The yellow chrysanthemums are as close to the pot colour as I could find and work well with the bright green of the ripsalis. Additionally the form of the flower provides a sympathetic line to that of the ripsalis.

This technique was shown in a video series for absolute beginners showcasing how to combine cut flowers with pot plants you may already have for unique home decoration.

You can see the video here.

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