Nature Into Art – Wallhanging

Once again we are given a class title that is used very frequently, however this time rather than a bench or floor display it is a wallhanging. The added proviso was that there could be no backing as part of this design so that ruled out using a picture frame and backboard!

I decided that my interpretation would look at how we use plant materials in “art” so I have only used dried materials in this design.

Starting with a circular placemat made from dried water hyacinth foliage (purchased in a useful set of four), I have deconstructed a third of the outer rings to provide some random structure for the length of the wallhanging.

The lengths are tied at pivotal points with paper covered wire then placements of dried sunflowers, agapanthus, banksia and wheat have been cold glued in place. I tried hot glue but was not happy with the strength of the bond for a hanging design. A small palm spathe and some bark have been included at the bottom of the design to balance the visual weight of the top area.

As an aside, when I was putting this design together a friend of my brother’s said she would be happy to have it on her wall if I wasn’t going to keep it after the competition!

This design placed first.

Judges comments: Contemporary wall hanging design using a sympathetic range of plant materials in a toned colour scheme. Visual balance is well thought out. The design interprets the class title appropriately.

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