Definition: A design in which as far as possible the material is placed to represent natural growth. It may be (a) a scene from nature with various growth points or (b)natural living plant material arranged in a container emphasising its healthy growth patterns.


Class Title: Naturalistic
Staging: bench, space allowed 70cm, judged front and sides
I enjoy the naturalistic design style. It is still a challenge to arrange plant material so it appears to be naturally growing but I feel I have an eye for the natural placement.

The base (which covers some floral foam) is a fallen tree branch around which are growing native grasses and woolly bush. Each of these stems has been individually placed to appear as though they are growing in a clump with natural forest floor mulch and moss placed around the log for further effect.

Judging feedback: A very good naturalistic design. Be careful of maintaining a dominant line – here the distances appear to be equal which can make the design look unbalanced.

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