Definition: Modern designs were developed during the late 1960s and 1970s. They show plant materials used in a well defined manner with depth and space vital to the design. Containers, when used, should be compatible with the modern concept.

Modern styles fall into two main groups – Radial construction, where material apparently radiates from a single point of emergence which coincides with the focal point or interest equated where there is more than one point of emergence from the container or design.

Design styles include abstract, assemblage, cascade (waterfall), collage, creative line/mass, free form/style, kinetc (mobile, stabile, stamobile) and sculpture.

From the Australian Floral Art Association manual. Please check your local rules and definitions before entering a competition.


Class Title: Basic modern
Staging: bench, space allowed 70cm, judged from front and sides

A basic modern is a tailored design using a minimum of material with strong impact. It has one centre of interest coinciding with the point of emergence (radial construction). It is the simplest of the modern designs. The few but significant pieces of good quality clear cut plant material should be chosen to create height or width and interesting spaces, contrasts of form, texture also rhythm. Some plant material needs to unify and harmonise with the modern concept container. Mechanics should be inconspicuous – a pinholder may be the best option. No unnecessary material which may detract from the tailored effect and strong impact- a minimum of material for a maximum effect.

Basic Modern
The base for this design is a round piece of timber board painted brown (on this occasion) to match the piece of twisted vine screwed into it. This forms my vertical line for the design. Three strelitzia flowers emerge from a single point in the container of a moss ball which covers the floral foam water source. Each of the flower heads faces a different direction but maintains the strong vertical line of the design. A single trimmed palm frond is placed on the base to soften the expanse of painted area.

Judging feedback: An outstanding example of basic modern style. My only suggestion would be to have the palm frond acros the entire base surface. This is the champion piece of floral art in the competition today.

Champion session 7


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