Mobile 2019

This design was simply titled “Mobile” in the Show Schedule with a space allocation of 80cm wide. In previous years the mobile designs at this Show have been displayed on a hook within a frame provided by the organisers. This time around we had the added challenge of choosing and supplying our own staging.

I have an all purpose heavy metal stand that was a bouquet display rack in a previous life. It is incredible useful and versatile as I can change the colour by either painting or covering it with some that works with the design.

The Schedule also allowed for use of dried materials with fresh plant material so I have used the dried material as a “backdrop” so I can feature the fresh iris as a pop of colour in the design.

The design is suspended by fishing line from the stand which is covered in a multihued paper to blend in with the design.

A circular piece of perspex is covered top and bottom with twigs which are repeated in the mobile drape sections. These actually cover vials for the water source for the iris.

Some seed pods, grape vine and tillandsia complete the design. I was hoping to make it a rustic plant based wind chime appearance.

The design didn’t place in the competition and looking at it now I can see some obvious balance (visual) issues. I needed to perhaps two more placements of the purple statice at the top of the design to bring the colour through or not use it at all and have the iris as the single colour but placed much lower into the twigs i.e. not showing any stem at all.

Once again, I’m happy with the concept and will rework it for another competition now I have had a chance to review it.

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