Inverted Crescent

Definition: Not more than two thirds of a circle in any direction, tapering to each end, similar in shape to a crescent moon but with the tapered ends pointing down not up. Usually asymmetrical with the focal area off centre and one end lower than the other. Visually you should be able to complete a circle by foloowing the line of the design.

From the Australian Floral Art Association Manual. Please check your local definitions before entering any competition.


Class title: Inverted crescent
Staging: bench, space allowed 85cm width, roses only flower to be used.

For some of the traditional design styles – Hogarth curve, crescent, inverted crescent – you need plant material that will provide a natural curve to give you the correct line for the design.


Inverted Crescent

Here I have used an Australian native fern for the crescent shape as it is both easy to manipulate into this shape and has the soft, airy look I wanted for this design. Roses placed at angles in the design highlight the crescent shape.

Judging feedback: A very good shape to the design. It lacks coverage for the focal area and would have been enhanced with some more rose placements to the focal area.

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