Echoes of the Bush – Collage

I find I am enjoying the collage design style these days. There has been quite some debate at this particular competition regarding the judging of a collage as many of the competitors are presenting designs that depict a “scene” reflecting the class title rather than a genuine collage as defined by the Show judging rules. The “scene” designs are very popular with the viewing public and do generate interest in floral art so perhaps it is time to revisit the definitions or have some specific show rules for this competition. Once again it comes down to the show schedule preparation and a balance between floral art and encouraging people to “have a go”.

The title for this collage was “Echoes of the Bush” to be presented with a 900mm diameter on an easel. I do like the idea of changing the “shape” of these competition collages – it makes us think a bit more about how to showcase the material being used.

In this design I have repurposed one of my wire and mesh rounds previously used in a number of designs. You can see the technique for making them by clicking here. Here I have attached a cardboard base by “sewing” with paper covered wire then painted it in colours associated with the Australian bush.

Eucalyptus bark, fresh banksia foliage, flowers and seed heads are attached with both glue and wire to the cardboard backing. A small grouping of crasspedia is placed to offset the central design and repeat the colour of the banksia flower.

This design received a Highly Commended.

Judges comments: This is a genuine collage as defined by the rules. The backing has dents that detract from the otherwise good finish/workmanship. Another grouping of crasspedia is needed between the two ends of the bark at the base to balance the placements. Some more foliage may have lessened the dominance of the ochre painted area as well.

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