Collage – Tints, Tones and Shades

A collage should be a collection of “found” objects usually glued to a backing. The title for this one gave me great scope to interpret using tints tones and shades in the yellow to brown colour group.

I have used black, grey and white in the background as these are not considered “colours” in the floral art world so I will not lose any points for them plus they give me a good abstract framework in which to work as well as enhancing the tints and shades of the actual yellows and browns.

I have sectioned off the backing with hessian strips and then glued banksia flower slices, seed pods, bleached seaweed and paper daisies to create visual interest and textures. (Bleaching seaweed is in the Techniques section of this website)

String shapes and agapanthus rope repeat the straight and circular lines of the other plant material. (Agapanthus rope is a technique available in step by step instructions by clicking here).

This design placed first.

Judges comments: An abstract design in the Mondrian style showing good use of tints, tones and shades of yellow. Very creative and innovative use of a variety of plant materials not normally seen in this format.

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