Collage – Contrasts of Nature

A collage (for this judging) needs to be a collection of related items (form, texture, colour etc) that are grouped to highlight their connection. In the case of this class title, they needed to showcase their contrasts.

On to a white canvas art board I have attached (sideways) a metal wall frame originally made for candles in a garden. The sections with the metal bases for candles have been covered with either wood slices or bark.

Some of the open sections are covered with coloured sisal, others with more bark or handmade flower embedded paper.

An interestingly shaped, lichen covered branch is overlaid across the frame and extends above the top.

A single rose ( for smoothness), westringia foliage and flowers and some small brightly coloured statice complete the design contrasting colour, size, form and texture of plant material.

This design received a Highly Commended award.

Judges Comments: The white frame dominates what is a very clear and clever interpretation of the title. More bark or wood to soften the white would have greatly enhanced this design. Be mindful of colour combinations as the orange is not repeated elsewhere, meaning it draws the eye without any other balancing colour.

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