Art Deco

As you can see from the image, this design was staged on a plinth meaning it is judged all around. The challenge was to think of an Art Deco structure that could be replicated in plant material, remembering to use plant material that was sympathetic and/or popular to the era.

I have a piece of fabric (a table runner) in the colours and pattern of the era as a marker for the structure which is a table lamp base of timber spheres. Added to this are shiny triangular sections of an Ikea light fitting as these repeat the colours in the fabric as well as the geometric shapes popular in Art Deco design generally (not just flowers).

The turquoise water source is actually a metallic drink bottle with copper coloured ribbon to break the impact of the shininess. Plant material used are palms, dried amaranthus and conifer foliage with a single unopened strelitzia flower.

The design reflects the decor of a cocktail lounge in my area that is from the Art Deco era.

Judges Comments: The timber spheres are too dominant for the rest of the design which also does not use enougfh of the space allocated. Plant materials are appropriate.

My reflection: The turquoise colour of the bottle is not repeated anywhere else in the design so it looks incongruent and the wrong shape for its placement. Another darker timber placement there would have lessened the impact of the spheres. I do agree that the design does not fill, or appear to fill, enough of the space allocated.

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