Definition: (from the Australian Floral Art Association manual)

A style that emphasises the design elements of form, line, space and textuure. Colour may be muted or strong, textures strongly contrasted. Balance is dynamic with no part of the design having so much weight or attraction that it over balances any other.

There may be one point of emergence from the container or within the design. Manipulated material, unexpected placements and interesting spaces are characteristic. Natural growth habits of plant materials are ignored and elimination of unnecessary details is essential. The container can play an important role in the design.

A dominating element should be evident e.g. vertical lines, to ensure unity is achieved but strong contrasts add excitement. Whilst emphasis is on plant material, found or manufactured objects may be used.

The design may be expressive in which the organisation of all the elements expresses an idea or theme or non-objective creating an awareness of the essence (characteristics) of the material (form, line texture colour etc).


Abstract 1

Three silver pearl coloured spheres holding a single rose with wire spiral embellishment. Rose petals are glued to the base sphere in a glass container.


Manipulated foliage and coloured floral foam in a piece of bark. A few rose flower heads for contrast of texture and colour.

Judges feedback: Both these designs were considered “not abstract enough”. The roses are still in a natural (growth related) position, negative space has not been used to the fullest.

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