Abstract Petite

You would know from my other posts that these days I do not attempt the Petite size for competitions unless the title really resonates with me. There is also another reason I might try a Petite – if it is part of a larger competition for which I am travellling so a few designs are more justified than one!

This was the case for this Petite. I was entered in four classses to make the travel worthwhile and I am constantly challenged by the “abstract” design style so thought I would rise to the double challenge of a Petite abstract.

Exploring the abstract artworks I could find in my research, I decided on a geometric feel for this design. The base is made of bringing together some palm inflorescence in a tatami mat (click here for the technique tutorial). Using gymea lily foliage strips glued back to back with wire in between, I have bent geometric shapes until it was self supporting. The gymea leaf is very sturdy and long, so perfect for this shaping. Small thin cork strips are glued randomly to the foliage and some dried sprays of unformed gumnut blossoms are placed to pierce the top section of foliage.

The grey stand (used for the staging of the design) was supplied by the organisers – it is the size of the required dimensions for the Petite class for this organisation and allows the judges to compare designs directly with one another.

This design placed second.

Judges Comments: A good interpretation of the class title. Needs to use some more of the height allowance for visual balance and some of the gumnuts in the tatami for repetition.

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