If you have looked at other examples of my Abstract designs, you will already know that this is a design style with which I have great difficulty. For this competition, it will be judged on the definition as follow:

“An interest equated style emphasising the elements of line, form, space and texture. Balance is dynamic with no part of the design having so much weight or attraction that it overbalances any other. Natural growth habits of plant material are ignored and elimination of unnecessary detail is essential. A dominating element should be evident to ensure unity is achieved but strong contrasts add excitement.”

For this design I have used two conical timber candlesticks as the basis for the structure. Rolled gymea lily leaf strips threaded onto silver decorative wire have been added as a loop to bring the candlesticks together and provide height to the design.

A triangle made from the spine of the gymea lilly leaf hangs across the horizontal placements of sansevera, with a single unopened strelitzia flower also placed horizontally.

Judges comments: The rolled plant material is in poor condition, not suitable for use in this design. Additional placements to lessen the dominance of the timber bases should have been used.

My review comments: I was surprised at the deterioration of the rolled leaves as this has not happened with this plant material before. Lesson learned! I agree that the timber candlesticks are dominant and that this is not in keeping with the definition above. I feel I could have added up to 4 more triangles of different sizes, still placed down from the horizontal line of the sanseveria. This would have at least equated visual interest that area of the design.

I’ll probably keep trying to get the “Abstract” concept right in my head……

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