Wool and Wheat

Another competition involving a long drive – 4 hours to the venue. This design is one of two I am staging for this competition so structures that are “travel resistant” are important. The other design can be see by clicking here.

I decided to explore some different ways with wheat as I did not have any actual wheat stalks to use at the time. This thinking led to pasta and wholemeal flour and the hope that the judge would appreciate my lateral thinking!

By wrapping a couple of metal rings in white wool and then dipping them in a slurry of wholemeal flour and water I created a textured but still open effect on the rings. When dried these were wrapped in air packaging pockets for transport.

The rings are attached to candle sticks with more wool and pasta highlights. The only fresh plant material is the Australian native “Woolly bush” – a play on the class title.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: An innovative interpretation of the class title with the flour paste and pasta. The woolly bush placements enhance the design and interpretation, however there needs to be more obvious plant material at the top of the design – at present it is bottom heavy.

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