Using What You Can Find

This design was one of two I demonstrated for a Garden Club based in a regional area about 7 hours drive from where I lived.

I wanted to show them what could be done from a limited supply of plant materials – either items from their gardens or 1 bunch of supermarket flowers. The design is based on the time of year I was there – end of autumn, going in to winter.

The structure is made from 2 picture frames (from a charity store) screwed to a timber base and covered in chicken wire mesh. These items were chosen because they would be readily available for the garden club members – either they would already have them or could get them easily and cheaply locally.

The arrangement is made in floral foam but I did talk about how to do this in a bowl with a tape grid or chicken wire mesh.

All of the plant material came from the garden of the community hall where the demonstration was being held. The audience were with me as I walked around and picked items both from the ground and off the plants.

I have placed some items through the front of the mesh (for depth) as well as behind it. The back frame is simply pushed against the centre design when complete to “frame” the whole work.

The back frame is actually smaller than the front one so that it can be seen through the design.

Yes, some of you might recognise this frame structure from a competition before this demonstration (click here to see that design). It is my practice to use a structure I have made at my demonstrations as these designs are left for members to raffle. It is my way of helping both the club and the members.

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