During this particular year of competition, there seemed to be many classes that used this title, varying only in the way the designs were to be staged. This leads to confusion amongst the competitors as it can be quite difficult to think of a design/technique that has not been seen in those recent competitions.

I pushed the envelope (how unusual!) with my interpretation by using 3 timber frames on a single stand with plant material repeated at the edges of the frames.

The base is a single piece of timber into which I have screwed 3 separate timber frames from a charity store. They are not exactly the same but I have painted the complete structure a single colour to bring unity to the design and lessen the visual impact of the structure as I need to showcase the “transparency” of the spaces within the frames.

Vials at the back of the frames hold lilies, with tillandsia drapes and spear grass accents. The grass is secured with glue dots.

This design received a Highly Commended award.

Judges Comments: A novel interpretation of the class title not seen before. Plant material does not predominate, perhaps one more lily placed high in the design would have tipped the scales in your favour. Wire securing the vials should have been coloured to match to frames.

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