Tantalising Textures

Here is another re-use of a container/structure. When I have competitions that are geographically close together, but a long way from my home base, within a week of each other, I try to repurpose my structures and containers. Here is the link for other designs using this container – (1)Water, (2)Bark and Bamboo.

My thinking for this design was to highlight the range of textures that can be found in plant material. This is one of the elements of design on which we are judged so this class title is an excellent one to remind yourself of the variety of textures that can be used in a design.

The design is supported by the metal frame I use for most mobile designs. It has been recovered so often I no longer remember what the original metal finish looks like! Here it is almost hidden by the design itself as I only needed it to support the tall plant material placements.

The base of the design is a coconut fibre mat (rough) and pine cones(rough) both inside the water in the vase and outside. The cork edging on the vase and cork/bamboo skewer structure provide a smooth contrast to the agapanthus rope that twists up to the top of the design. One stem of grey dried grass balances the rope twist and reflects the shape of the low placed strelitzia flower. Gymea lily foliage (smooth) twists up to the top to meet the green goddess lily placement.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: A texturally diverse design. The single cork placement of the horizontal bamboo skewer structure is not needed and detracts from the visual impact of the design.

My review comments: Yes, the single cork placement is distracting. I feel it could be balanced by repeating that on the other side or having some more corks in the centre of the horizontal skewers. I don’t think the grey grass adds to the design and would not include it. The rope could twist more around the whole design to frame it and visually balance the other placements.

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