Stumped – Creative Award Winner

This was another entry in the class titled “Using three flowers”. I have posted it separately to the other ones (click here to read about them) as this design received a special award.

The base of the design is a hollow tree section that is able to stand without additional support. It has an uneven top and a crack down one side that allows a view of the inside.

Using a wire dome (click here for the technique) turned upside down and placed in the top of the stump, I have wrapped tortured/twisted willow around the dome. The placement of the dome is at a slight angle to allow it to be wedged securely in the top of the stump.

Three flowers of protea are placed at varying heights and facing in different directions to mirror the circular line being emphasised by the wire and the stump.

Filler foliage of woolly bush and coastal rosemary provide a change in texture from the smoothness of the stump and protea foliage.

Tillandsia has been twisted around the outside rim of the dome to soften the edge as well as the colours.

This design placed second in the class. It was awarded the “Most Creative” design for the entire Show.

Judges Comments: A complete break from the usual designs seen for a class using three flowers.
Using contemporary techniques and a combination of large and small plant material gave this design more interest than it might otherwise have had.
Points were lost for the placement of the protea flowers which are reflective of a more traditional design, however the creative use of the tree stump and the wire structure makes it stand out as a creative design.

Creative Floral Design Award

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