Split Personality

Class Title: Split Personality

Staging: Bench space allowed 70cm, height optional; interpretive design judged from front and sides.

An interpretive design gives you the option to choose a particular design style (Abstract, Modern, Traditional etc) and then develop your design to “tell the story” of the class title. Your design should elicit an immediate response from the judge that reflects the class title.


I thought about using the Split Level design style but had these two twisted stems that kept winking at me to use them! The container is a Japanese ceramic double bowl that lent itself to having an entwined design with components that were split in some way to enhance the twisted stems that eventually split away towards the top of the design.

Split (sliced) banksia flowers are placed around the base of the stems to cover the kenzans used to hold the stems in place. These are repeated through the design with placements at the top of the stems as well to soften the effect the the blunt end of the stems.

Three disbud chrysanthemums, chosen for their “split” petal appearance are placed at varying heights. Split aspidistra leaves complete the plant material placements. The design has been staged on a circular board to blend the circular and twisting shapes within it.


Judges Feedback: A challenging design to judge as the plant material is well considered for the title. However, the lowest aspidistra leaf takes my eye out and away from the design. Always check that no placement takes the viewing eye away from your design.

There is a slight visual balance issue with the entwined stems and overall I felt there was not enough “split” in this design although the “personality” is very clear.




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