Spiralling Up

This design was for a national competition with a number of international competitors travelling to test their skills against the locals.

My thinking was to have a combination of natural, spiralling elements – utilising some contemporary techniques (mostly because a traditional vertical design is not one of my strengths!)

Using a thick slice of tree trunk as the base I have placed an upright gourd to give height. This is secured to the base with a long metal rod – the gourd has a small hole in the base so it can be placed on the rod for stability.

Keeping the interpretation simple with plant material that can be manipulated to indicate and upward spiral, I have used calla lilies and gymea leaf. There is also a natural fibre rope spiralling up a dried twisted vine that is also wrapped around the gourd, as though it has grown that way. Water vials for the lillies have been covered in the fibre rope.

To add a bit of whimsy, there are a couple of gumnut “insects” (see the technique by clicking here) climbing the spiral with one right at the top of the design.

This design placed first.

Judges Comments: An unexpected interpretation of the title but very well presented. Shows good understanding of contemporary techniques combined with the use of natural materials in both manipulated and found forms. A seemingly simple design executed very well.

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