Southern Heat

A chance to compete internationally even though much of the world was still in lockdown 2020/021. I was drawn to this class because it could be interpreted in a couple of ways – Southern Heat might be the summer heat of the southern hemisphere where I am located or it might be the tendency to chili heat in southern US foods since this was a competition from that part of the world.

Whilst the idea of using Australian native plant material was enticing (as you would expect), I felt that this interpretation may not be appreciated by the wider judging community as we were not permitted to indicate our interpretation other than through the staged design.

I went with a play on chillies, heat and flames using a candelabra as you will see. Here is a video showing the development of the design through to staging.

Judges comments: Colour of heat. Weak dominance of plant material as required by schedule.

As you know, I have been outspoken in the past about judges comments being useful as a learning tool for designers. I did not find these comments useful but have included them for your interest.

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