Roses In A Box

The class title for this was actually “Boxed and Beautiful” and we could only use roses as the flowers with a minimum of any foliage.

An easy way to present this for judging would be in the pave style with lots of blocks of roses. Since the actual roses were difficult to obtain close to the competition (it is held over the Easter holiday weekend), I decided to work on a design that had a minimal amount of flowers but still conveyed the idea of being “boxed and beautiful”.

In my store of “just in case” items I had a box that contained a number of smaller boxes. It was the packaging of a special gift of jewellery in its first use so I thought this matched the class title perfectly.

Each of the smaller boxes has has the foam packaging replaced with floral foam and a single rose bloom inserted.
All these boxes are still in their original positions within the main box. To create the feeling of packaging being pushed away from the main box I have used tillandsia, both for its form and shape as well as the fact that it does not need a water source.

This design placed third.

Judges Comments: A clear interpretation of the title. Unfortunately the plant material does not predominate in this design so marks were lost. Although paper can be considered plant material, our show rules still require fresh plant material to dominate unless otherwise stated in the schedule.

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