Pine Cone Basket

Over a period of 8 months during 2022/2023, I produced a series of videos that showed how to use store-bought/supermarket flowers in simple designs. This one is from December 2022 – you can also see the video at the bottom of this page.

Using a square wire and string basket as the container, I have placed some pine cones (painted white in places, they were given to me by my neighbour this way) and baubles. Some of the baubles are glued to the base and have the hanging clip removed as these will be filled with water for the placement of the fresh flowers.

This design uses 6 flowers (in this example they all come from the one stem of chrysanthemum). There are also some succulent pieces which don’t need a water source to stay fresh in a design that may be on display for a week or so. You could replace the succulents with conifer foliage for a more traditional Christmas look – these also do not need a water source.

Here is the video to watch so you can follow how I created this design.

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