On The Edge

Once again, during various lockdowns of 2020/2021, this was a design competition conducted worldwide online. A single image of the design had to be submitted for judging.

My thoughts for this class title centred around having plant material on the edge of a structure or container. I have used some strips of corrugated cardboard as a base for a wire mesh “cage” to give some height to the design as well as emphasise the lines of the design. I have used this method of stacking cardboard on other designs – click here to see one called ‘Ups and Downs”.

Keeping to a simple colour scheme I have used banksia flowers both vertically and horizontally placed on the edges of either the mesh or the cardboard, with slices of these flowers glued both inside and outside the structure.

Some wheat and craspedia are used for textural contrast whilst still emphasising the line element of this design.

Judges comments: Using a monochromatic color palette, this design provides a variety of textural contrasts. There is a lack of integration between the right and left halves of this divided design

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