Modern Using Three Flowers

Here are two designs for this title.

Firstly we need to be sure of the definition for a “modern” design as this will also give us an idea of the types of flowers that can be used i.e. what was used in the “modern” era.

I continue to be confused between the “modern” and “contemporary” design styles. “Modern” in the design definitions used for this competition refers to design styles of the 1960s to 1980s. It is always a good idea to check the definitions before you start on a design.

Using three flowers also needs to be clarified with the competition secretary. The schedule should say three flowers of the same variety or three individual flowers to ensure competitors don’t misinterpret the requirements.

In the first design I have used proteas with an old farm timber fence post. The post has a turned top that can be used for short stem placement (no water source). To ensure stability for the heavy flower head, a small vine wrapped bouquet armature is placed over the turned top.

Floral foam is used at the base of the design to secure the remainder of the plant material. Woolly bush, agapanthus stems (with the flowers removed so they are not part of the 3 flower count) and the further two protea stems complete the design. The foam is partially covered with agapanthus foliage. Note the third protea stem is not visible from the angle of the photo – it was definitely there!

This design placed first.

Judges comments – A well constructed design that depicts both the era and the schedule requirement for three flowers.

When you draw an imaginary line vertically down the middle it is balance with plant material on both sides, something that is difficult to do with a modern design.
Clever use of the agapanthus flower heads minus the flowers gained additional creativity marks.

In the second design I have used a black vase as the container with a single column of floral foam to support the rose placements. There is a circular opening on the front face of the vase.

To soften the dominant black surface of the vase, three stems of naturally dried cycad fern are placed for dramatic effect.

This design did not place in the competition.

Judges Comments – A striking design let down by the scale and proportion of the plant material. Larger flowers are needed to balance the dried plant material placement. Colour harmony between the roses and the dried material could have enhanced the use of roses if they were more open. Repetition of forms is good.

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