Long and Winding Road

Once again, some of you may recognise the structure I have used in this design from a previous design (click here to see the other design). I have changed the design quite significantly so am happy that I was not repeating a previous competition offering which would have seen this design lose points for originality.

The structure is a section of tree trunk placed on a large slice of banksia. Holes drilled into the trunk have bamboo skewers inserted and glued to provide support and attachment points for the dried water hyacinth plait/braid that winds up the trunk. This winding is repeated with a raffia and wire woven spiral that keeps the eye moving up the design. It was important to have something with visual weight at the top of the design to keep it balanced, given the solid nature of the trunk.

To repeat the twisting/winding movement I have used dried strelitzia leaves throughout the design as well as thin strips of gymea lily and aspidistra. Large green goddess arum lilies are secured in water vials and twisted around the trunk in opposing lines to create some visual tension.

This design placed first.

Judges comments: Interpretation leaves no doubt about the title. One placement of lily could have been higher.

My review comments: This is a judge who is well known to give minimal comments so don’t be worried that there is so little feedback. Whilst I was happy with the design when I staged it, I still have some reservations about the solidity of the trunk and its dominance in the design. I also think the water hyancinth spiral needs to extend all the way to the top of the design. (I thought this at the time but didn’t have any more of it to use!)

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