Iris Beauty

Another design for the competition staged in a repurposed abbey. This particular competition is part of an annual horticultural society show that, at this time of year, highlights iris and rhododendrons. With that in mind, and knowing the quality and numbers of spectacular specimens that would be on show, I decided to use only iris in this design and have the remainder of the plant material looking rough in texture to emphasise the smoothness of the iris as well as have the colour “pop” from the surrounding material.

The underlying structure is a stand most often used to display a hanging plant. I have covered the metal with sphagnum moss and attached water vials for the placement of the iris. There is a mesh made from agapanthus rope (click here for the step by step technique) twisted through the stand as well as another twisted structure competised of raffia and wire.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: More iris placements are needed to balance the impact of the surrounding plant material. An innovative design showing use of contemporary techniques.

My review comments: The design doesn’t really achieve my aim of contrasting the rough textures with the “beauty” of the iris because, as the judge has said, there are not enough iris blooms in the design. Given that I knew I only had two to use, I should have grouped them together for more impact – both for colour and texture. The design doesn’t need the raffia twisted structure – it is too solid for the rest of the design and thus draws your eye towards it, blocking out the other parts of the design.

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