Incorporating a Musical Instrument – Interpretive

Class Title: Interpretive – Incorporating a Musical Instrument

Staging: Bench, space allowed 1 metre square, height unrestricted, judged from front.



On another page I have talked about a design that incorporates an actual musical instrument. For this design I took the interpretive route. This means I don’t need to incorporate an actual musical instrument but rather my interpretive design of a musical instrument using horticultural materials.


The focal point of this design is a “drum” made by covering a plastic cylinder with paper then gluing the strips of bark in place. The top is dried moss again glued in place. The drumsticks are seedpods attached to bamboo skewers.


Some of you may recognise the palm spathe used as the base for this design. I try to use this when I need some rhythm in my design. By placing it this way on the bench I can use the height as well as the shape to help the design. The succulent pigface has been used around the base of the drum and is repeated at the top of the spathe. Tortured willow, stripped of foliage, and weeping grevillea are wound around the kangaroo paw flowers and foliage to create a jungle effect. A seed pod with whole hazelnuts (as the “seeds”) is suspended from the tip of the spathe.


Judging feedback: This was actually entered in the same competition as the other design (Incorporating a Musical Instrument)  however this design was not judged as the Schedule did not say you could enter an interpretive design. The judges commented afterwards that they both loved this design and would have placed it first had there been an allowance for interpretive design.

Please read your competition Schedule again and again to ensure you understand what can and importantly what cannot be entered. Check with the Show Secretary if you have any doubts.

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