From the Garden

Class Title: From The GardenFrom the Garden

Staging: bench space allowed 70cm width, 60cm depth; judged from front and sides; plant material must be from competitor’s garden (minimum 6 months).



I am very fortunate to have a good selection of plant material on the farm all year round. Thanks must go to my parents for establishing this over 40 years ago and adjusting the plantings during droughts and attacks by feral animals (we once lost over 100 rose bushes in a single night after some deer wandered through the house paddock).


I have used a traditional flower gathering basket as the base for this design. It has a slight edge to it and a tall handle. The handle is the area where you need to be careful. By bringing the plant material almost up to it, you keep it less obvious than if the design was all in the bottom of the basket.

The placements of the plant material were designed to look as though I had just picked each group. By grouping (or massing) the same types of plant material together, the design has a full but balanced look.


The design is place within the allocated space at an angle. This is very important in any bench design. You will be amazed at how a little angle can change the impact of your design, adding depth to your work without having to add more plant material. I have also tucked a pair of gardening gloves in the side of the basket, mostly obscured by the plant material as we don’t want embellishments to dominate a design.


Judges feedback: Excellent quality of plant material, cleverly displayed to appear freshly gathered. Height of plant material under the handle balances the design. First place.

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