From the Fence

On this day we were only allowed to use Australian native flora. Since this is my favourite plant material, I enjoy the challenge of deciding which to use to best depict the class title.

I purchased an amazing piece of timber that was originally a farm fence post, many years ago. It has a very small opening turned in to the top which is almost unusable for placement of plant material but does work as an “anchor” for wrapping wire or other mechanics around.

Here I have used a few branches of banksia with the flowers to replicate what you might see with an old piece of farm fence line. This competition is part of a huge agricultural show so I try to make my designs reflect that as well.

Some eucalyptus bark, naturally curled and dried as it falls from the tree, is draped across the design to help impart a feeling of natural decay of the fence….or perhaps the wind has blown it there!

Since I live on a farm, I have been able to incorporate a few insulators on fencing wire, conveniently surplus to the current electric fence needs. Luckily the judge recognised these as minor embellishments to enhance the design interpretation.

This deisgn placed first.

Judges Comments: Good, clear interpretation of the class title. Strong line and form with a contrast of textures.
Actual fence components used carefully as embellishments so do not detract from the design. Plant material dominates well.

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