From Nature’s Perspective

As is often the case with art of any form, the definition of “contemporary” is hazy at best and confusing at worst! Floral art is no different and I struggle to understand how a judge can decide what is “contemporary” when the definition used for this competition simply says “of the moment”!

That said, the particular judge for this day of competition is one whose assessment I respect so I entered knowing I would at least get some valuable feedback. She is also a judge who will not award prizes unless the entries genuinely meet the judging criteria – no “feel good” moments with this one.

The structure for this design uses a metal ring base with some floral wire mesh attached to form a deep cylinder. Zanthorrhoea (grass tree) spent flower spikes of various heights are attached both inside and outside the cylinder with paper covered wire. Bark strips are threaded over and above the wire cylinder. Crasspedia of varying heights are threaded inside and outside the cylinder with a single banksia flower hanging outside the cylinder.

No awards were given for this class.The judge considered none of the designs to be contemporary (all for different reasons).

Judges comments: This design is almost contemporary. The structure and choice of plant material shows some understanding of the requirements of a contemporary design however the placements are not correct for this design style. Material should be grouped at various heights and angles so, for instance, the crasspedia should be in one or two groups as should the zanthorrhoea. The single banksia could then stay as it is with the bark grouped at the base placement and going in different directions from that point of emergence.
A good effort for a difficult design style.

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