Framed In Black

It would have been easy to make this a design inside a standard black picture frame but, you guessed it, I wanted to think a little differently about this title. So what else, apart from a picture, is framed in black?

A movie or film…..

Using a black ceramic container, I have reduced it’s dominance (it has a shiny finish) by placing a mesh made from black cane strips across the top.

Placements of alstromeria and roses within the squares of the mesh keep them “framed in black” with higher placements through two strips of the same mesh to give the design movement and height.

Judges comments: A clever interpretation, however it is much too small for the space allocation. Using only one type of plant material may have added to the impact as would placements down within the base mesh rather than just above it. The foliage is a distraction around the base. More varied texture is also needed to create interest – everything is smooth. Staples joining the cane mesh should have been coloured black as the shiny silver detracts from the overall finish of the design.

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