Flirty Foliage

For this class we could only use foliage. As definitions of “foliage” for competition vary between judging guidelines I will refer to those used for this particular competition.

Always check the definitions before you start planning your design!

Foliage in this competition can be the obvious leaves but also succulents and cactus as well as buds of flowers as long as no colour is showing – unopened strelitzia are a good example.

My thinking was to have a group of items that complemented the “lacy bodice” formed from monstera leaves. Thus, I have a fan from a conveniently shaped palm leaf and a small hair clip made from manipulated flax.

Firstly the bodice – this is constructed from two monstera leaves with one side of each cut the leave only the veins. These are then interlaced and glued to each other to form the sides and “lacing” of the bodice. This is a technique from the very talented Christine De Beer in Canada.

I’ve added black lace around the bodice to highlight the “flirty” part of the class title.

Having focused so much on my seemingly clever interpretation, I had given no thought to the actual staging of this design!! I found an appropriate stand to hold the bodice upright but the design had no depth so the next challenge was to find a way to provide that.

The fan in the form of the palm leaf was a good solution with the addition of the hair clip to showcase another way of using foliage in a design.

Judges Comments: Innovative and well executed interpretation of the title but lacks any real depth and rhythm. The bronze ribbon (as an embellishment) is distracting and does not add to the interpretation so should not have been used – lace alone would still provide enough of an interpretation. Perhaps the staging of the hair clip and fan with a jewellers’ bust and the bodice separate would have brought the individual pieces together more.

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