Distinctly Different

I wanted to do a design that was completely different to anything the local judges may have seen from me previously. This is for my “home” floral art group where I have competed for almost 10 years. The judges seem to know my regular work so I was very keen to see if I could surprise them!

I also thought it would be different to not use flowers or foliage – another test for both me and the judges.

The structure is a single piece of timber – a branch from an unusual tree (by the markings on it). I found it on a beach so always consider it almost driftwood. It has been secured through the centre to a heavy metal base painted brown.

Five holes were drilled in the top face of the branch into which I inserted heavy gauge wires covered in brown paper. Each of these wires has one or more thin slices of wood.

It is definitely an abstract design and very distinctly different to anything I had benched previously.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: A very different design, well executed and presented. Marks were lost for the base which is the wrong shade of brown for the rest of the plant material.

Distinctly Different

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