Once again this is from the celebration competition for the Garden Club of Argentina 100 Anniversary. My other design (Acceleration) can be seen by clicking here.

My first thoughts when I saw this title was how an egg disperses when it is broken. Why, you might ask? Probably because I am also an enthusiastic cook so I was most likely in the kitchen when the class titles came through! That said, now the challenge was to depict this using plant material.

The eggs are made by layering paper mache over a balloon, then painting when dry. Sections have been cut from the whole egg shape to resemble where they were cracked open. These smaller sections are placed on the base which consists of two metal rings covered in wool.

The eggs are suspended on chicken wire on a metal stand which, in turn is covered with sphagnum moss extending into the eggs to depict the “egg white”. The “yolks” are yellow chrysanthemums in vials attached the stand and chicken wire behind the moss.

Judges comments: The visual weight at the top of the design detracts from the overall good finish and innovative approach. The yellow needs to be used more in the design to bring it all together.

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