Designing With Fruit and Vegetables

This design was for competition at a regional agricultural show (can you guess!!) so I wanted to reflect the Show as much as I could in my design. Many years ago I presented a much smaller design using moleskins, traditional farm wear in this country, and felt an expanded version of that earlier design would challenge my now more developed design skills.

The timber base has two metal upright spikes in it with a shape/support frame of chicken wire mesh. The jeans have been placed over the mesh and attached to it with a cross bracing of wire.

Potatoes and onions at the base provide some weight and stability so that I can have the remainder of the fruit and vegetables in the top section of the jean structure. Pineapple lilies, woolly bush, tomatoes join with more potatoes, onions and grapes with a small drop of grapes hanging from the belt in the jeans.

This design placed second.

Although a firm favourite with the viewing public (many photos were taken beside it), the judge felt it needed more flowers. Whilst I was surprised at this feedback since it was not mentioned in the schedule, the judges decision is always final so we just accept it and move on.

When looking at this image over 12 months later, my own judging view is that the jeans are too dominant for a floral art design. I should have placed some of the woolly bush in the base to break up the expanse of the jean legs and bring the top and bottom sections of the design together.

That’s why I am a stickler for taking photos and keeping design notes – reviewing, after the adrenalin of competition is over, can provide you with great learning about your designs.

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