Cotton Country Creativity

This design was for a weekend in a regional area where agriculture, particularly cotton production, is a large part of the community.

It was the first time they had hosted a weekend of floral art activities which also coincided with the usual group of organisers from the State floral art group being unavailable, leaving me to manage the logistics. I wasn’t sure I could actually do justice to competition designs as well.

With a huge amount of local support, both attending demonstrations and viewing the designs, I made my commitment to them and put this design together before the 5 hour drive to get to the venue (hence it has only dried plant material).

Using a metal stand covered in naturally dyed green paper, I have modified a previous wall hanging design (click here for the original).

To incorporate both the “cotton country” of the class title and the wheat production which happens in the broader surrounding area, I have made “cotton” bolls from individual dried florets of the gymea lily (Doryanthes excelsor) filled with cotton balls (like you use to remove makeup). Cotton balls have also been used to fill the gaps in the gourds.

Hanging from the gourd arms are drops comprising bundles of wheat stalks (the offcuts from the heads) and wheat heads which are placed in wheat stalk covered vials – no water, I wanted to have them upright in contrast to the stalk bundles.

This design placed first. It was awarded Best in Show.

Judges comments: A truly creative design showcasing the agriculture of the region. Well balanced and staged, a pleasure to look at from all angles. Be mindful of finishing off, particularly the display stand.

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