Contemporary Christmas Tree

Whilst I love Christmas and the joy it brings, I am often looking for a different way to have a “tree” given that space is at a premium for me.
This competition provided me with the opportunity to stretch my contemporary design skills whilst incorporating some Australian flora that is readily available at this time of year.

Using a green ceramic pot as the base with a few banksia slices glued to it to minimise its impact, I have placed a wire frame inside – the frame is often used a climbing frame for tomato plants.

Over the frame are three different sized rings made from cardboard covered with ripped typha leaves. On each of these rings are a number of holes in which I have placed small vials to provide a water source for the red and green flowers of the kangaroo paw (anigozanthus). These do not necessarily need a water source but I chose to provide it this time as it can be very hot for us at this time of year.

At the top of the “tree” is a star made from craspedia and gold wire spider webbing. There are also cradpedia and yellow kangaroo paw randomly placed in the “tree” to create colour interest and repetition. A swirl of dried and shaped sword grass is draped around the design to reinforce the shape.

Judges Comments: An innovative and contemporary design, well executed. Good choice of plant material. The design could be improved with more even gaps between the rings and a bit more “glitter” for a Christmas design.

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