Contemporary Christmas Tree

I have to admit this is one of my favourite design challenges. I do love Christmas and the associated floral design variations so the added idea of making something contemporary (leading edge, possibly controversial) appeals to me as a designer.

My idea with this design was to have the “tree” in a non-conventional setting. I have used a dried branch placed horizontally through a bent wire support as the structure for the design. Christmas baubles hang and are glued to parts of the branch. Some of these baubles contain water as a source for the plant material (kangaroo paw). Sections of conifer foliage are wired to the branch – these do not need a water source for the duration of this show. Some pine cones have been glued to the base and a “star”, made from timber toothpicks, craspedia and gold wire, hangs in the middle of the design.

Judges comments: A very contemporary design using a Christmas theme however it does not tell me it is a “tree” as was required by the class title. It lacks unity and rhythm.

My review comments: Sooo many things wrong with this design now that I look at it in hindsight!!

  1. The base colour is too dominant and the actual painting is not complete.
  2. The base is probably the wrong shape – it might look more a part of the design if it was a rectangle, long and narrow.
  3. The kangaroo paw placements, being vertical, detract from the strong horizontal line created by the branch. Placements along the branch should all have been horizontal (like the conifer foliage)
  4. Neither the baubles or the plant material placements extend to the end of the branch.
  5. The effect of the star is lost by the confusion of lines/forms around it.

Given I can see all of these things in review, it might be time to redo this design and see the effect of taking my own advice!

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