Bridging the Gap

Class Title: Bridging the Gap

Staging: Space allowed 70cm, height unlimited. Judged from front and sides.

Space is an important design consideration regardless of the design style you are using. Particularly in modern designs, the use of negative space gives depth to a design. With that in mind, although this is a contemporary design, I planned to have space both around and within the design where I could “bridge” it with plant material.


Bridging the Gap


When thinking about your container and/or structure it is important to take the colour of the staging (backboard, base, carpet or bench material) into consideration as this will either enhance or detract from your design.

In this instance, the bench material is grey (stated in the Show Schedule, another good reason to read this carefully) so I have chosen a grey container and moss to keep the base of the design as invisible as possible. as I don’t need a water source in the container, it is filled with dry floral foam – I could also have used some sand and chicken wire.

Five paper covered test tube extenders have been placed in the base (Technique Tutorial – click here). Each of these test tubes has some grevillea flowers placed in them, the flowers being allowed to face whichever direction is natural that also shows them “bridging the gap” between the placements.

Paper covered wire has been threaded through the test tubes horizontally to make a visual and actual “bridge” between the placements.

To further highlight bridging the gaps in the design by bringing the eye back down to the base and up through the design, I have bundled spear grass and fastened some ends with matching bullion wire making sure these go to a point to mirror the shape of the grevillea flowers.

Judges Comments: A strong interpretation using contemporary techniques. Well executed only losing marks for being a bit too “busy”. Two less bundles of grass would have emphasised the bridge across the design more, giving it a better overall visual balance. Good variety of textures.  Placed second.


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