Breaking With Tradition

Finally a class title in a competition where I can test the boundaries of floral art and judging interpretation.

I decided to go all out with this design as it was in the last session after I had staged 30+ designs over 8 days – a labour of love I manage once a year at this particular Show.

Using a cork mat as the base, I have repurposed two sections of a wire basket and painted them blue to match the bottle caps from my plastic bottles. The bottles are attached to the wire with cable ties, again in the same blue for repetition of colour.

The water in the bottles has a small amount of food colouring which helps repeat the colour of the grevillea flowers used in the design.

The final placements are paper curliques (see the technique instructions here) that are wired together and attached to the frame with the blue cable ties.

This design placed first.

Judges Comments: This is the only design presented that truly breaks with tradition. It has non traditional water sources, placements and combinations of forms and lines.
Definitely meets the class title and despite the amount of wire and plastic, visually the plant material still dominates the design. Well done!

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