Beyond The Boundaries

I have to admit this design came from a burning desire to be able to use this container. I found it at a charity store and loved the concept of the open lip that runs the height of it. It is also my only example of the raku technique which I find a fascinating way to decorate pottery thanks to that television series The Great Pottery Throwdown.

Using this container would require either a small water source deep within it or making use of plant material that didn’t need a water source. I wanted to have the whole of the plant material outside the boundary of the container so opted for wheat stalks that I could bend at angles to add to the tension of the design. I have used balled up wire inside the container to hold the wheat in place and covered this with jute fibre (sliver) in the same colours as the container.

I had to ensure that the placements and bends in the wheat went in all directions, including the heads, to reinforce the title by showing that they were all going beyond boundaries of container and visual lines.

Having read the judges comments, I can see I could improve this design by adding more height which would bring the bulk of the placements higher. As it is presented now there is visual weight in the bottom half of the design.

Judges Comments: A creative use of the barley stalks and heads, taking the eye in all directions, creating rhythm, and negative space.

The barley compliments the pattern on the vase, and picks up the colour in the sisal. Maybe the design could have been improved with more height.

Good unity and harmony. Well done. Thank you for competing.

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