Between the Lines

Class Title: Between the Lines

Staging: Bench, space allowed 70cm, judged from front



An interesting title as it could be presented as requiring a “line” design or a “stacking” design. For my interpretation, I went with my first reaction – the phrase “reading between the lines”.

Between the Lines

I covered some styrofoam with newspapers as my acknowledgement of this phrase and used this as the container for the design. All the plant material needed to be in lines of some description with the space between the lines being as important to the design as the plant material.


Starting at the back of the design, there is a fan lattice made with spear grass and strips of kyogi paper. Kyogi paper is a very thin slice of wood that can be made into all sorts of shapes by wetting it before using it. In front of the lattice are lines of banksia sliced and glued to a wooden skewer. The base of the design is floral foam covered in a lattice of kyogi paper and protea leaves. The central plant material is some varigated leaves and proteas – both continuing the lines of the design.


Judging feedback:  The judge said she had difficulty splitting first and second but gave this one first as it had the added interpretation of the newspaper (reading between the lines) for the container. Paper is considered horticultural material in many competitions as it is originally made from plants. This reinforces that your choice of container is important – it can mean the difference between getting a prize and not getting one!


Between the Lines



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